Ciemat, part of the Spanish government’s Ministry of Science and Innovation, is a public research agency concentrating on issues concerned with energy, environment and technology, and various areas of fundamental research. Since 1951 it has been the reference for technical representation of Spain in international forums, and advising government on matters within its scope. The CIEMAT team is made up of approximately 1200 people, of whom 47% are university graduates. CIEMAT activities are organized around research projects that span the bridge between R&D and the interests of society. In 1991 a Socio-technical Research Unit (SRU) was created with the aim of carrying out research activities on the human and social dimensions of risk and safety in the fields of energy, environment and technology. The SRU has carried out an important number of national and international research projects on technological risks perception and communication, being one of the Spanish referents in the social research of risk, sustainability, and environmental issues. From 2001 in collaboration with UAB, the SRU started a new research line on Public Involvement around technological installations. Among others, the SRU is currently participating in a Strategic Research Project dealing with the perception of climate change and carbon capture and sequestration technologies; an EU project on “A participative dialogue with society about fusion”, in collaboration with Cardiff University. The SRU is member of the Taskforce on Public Communication of the Zero Emission Platform (EU).